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      We are excited to offer a second chance to PRE-ORDER to Peri Shrunken Cardigan in cocoa and deep navy. These colors will not be available this coming Fall, and we will be placing an order for the ordered amount. 

      Collection note: Because we do not want to overproduce, we will only put into work styles or colors that hit our factory minimums. If a style or color does not hit the required minimums, we will cancel the order and refund all customers that placed an order in that color/style. 

      All PRE-ORDER orders will be paid for upfront and are not eligible for cancellation or refunds. We request payment upfront because we are small, and these styles are additions to what we are coming out with this year, and we only want to produce what you want. 

      All PRE-ORDER are eligible to be bought with AFTER-PAY. 

      Delivery of the PRE-ORDERS will arrive in September.

      Sorry, there are no products in this collection